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The “Scoop” on Virtual Staging for Sellers…..

As a Seller, it is important to consider “Staging” your home so Buyers can envision themselves living in your home.  This will consequently facilitate a speedy sale and for top dollar! Often times, Buyers cannot visualize themselves living in your home the way you do, so it is essential to create an environment that Buyers will feel an emotional connection with your home. If Buyers feel like they don’t belong in a home, they will be inclined to look elsewhere.  So, as much as you love to display your family photos, your grandmother’s personalized, multi-colored knitted quilt, or your collection of souvenirs from your last vacation, you need to place them in safe keeping in order to allow potential Buyers to imagine your home being their home.

What is Virtual Staging? Virtual staging software is a real estate marketing tool used to highlight the value of your home and garner top asking price.  In fact, most quality virtual staging today is done with very high-end, very expensive 3D design, editing, and animation software. Using this software, brings homes to life with the realistic characteristics of the natural charm and beauty of a home, with furnishings that showcase the home to its greatest ability. The majority of homes in today’s world of being safe and staying healthy, are being Virtually Staged as opposed to be Traditionally Staged. As buyers look to online listings first before viewing a home in-person, a home’s online photos will need to say more than just “I’m for Sale”. They’ll need to tell the story of the home, show all the features of the home, and have prospective Buyers already envisioning their family in the home. This powerful story is what will get more people scheduling virtual showing appointments and tours, and more people submitting offers to buy your home.

Virtual Staging is the art of making a home show its best as well as making sure it’s understandable to potential Buyers. With Virtual Staging, the same principals are followed, as with Traditional Staging. Virtual Staging transforms rooms into beautiful, virtually staged living spaces, whether   the home is vacant or is currently furnished.  The home will showcase rooms to its best advantage, allowing the use of modern, up-to-date furnishings and décor that work with the space, creating warm, inviting rooms that Buyers can imagine living in, as opposed to rooms that are personalized by the Seller.

It is also important to recognize and note, that the placement of furniture, area rugs, décor, art, etc. in the photos of a vacant house, allows Buyers to better envision the property as a home, online.  The layout, floor plan, location of rooms, the home structure and any other part of the property are NOT changed in any way.   Damage, wear & tear, views from the interior or exterior are NOT covered up or hidden in any aspects of the home nor is the property modified in any way, including but not limited to such things as changing wall color, floor coverings, cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc.  

It is absolutely vital that when a buyer finally visits a property in person, they must see the exact same property that they viewed online.  Of course, Buyers must understand that the photos online are Virtually Staged for their benefit of envisioning your home becoming their home and are   without any Virtually Staged furnishings shown in the online photos.  This being said, all Virtually Staged photos of homes online, will be identified as such.

Virtual Home Staging is Perfect for Sellers Still in their Home

For Sellers who are waiting for their home to sell prior to vacating, Virtual Staging can be a great option. For transparency, Virtual Staging does not remove or change elements already in the home, but a Seller can remove or relocate their furniture, personal effects, and decorations while taking the pictures of empty spaces, then putting everything back, letting them live comfortably in their home during the selling process.

Virtual Staging Offers Several Benefits to Sellers

  • Quicker time frame to go on the market. After receiving the professional photos of your home, a Virtual Stager can quickly insert furniture and accessories that will look and feel real. This hopefully means you can list your home on the MLS ahead of schedule.
  • Virtual staging is not nearly as expensive as Traditional Staging, but with new, current 3D Virtual Staging software, it will look as realistic as Traditional Staging.
  • Unlimited Design Choices. Virtual Staging software has all design types and styles for everyone. The design options for furniture, accessories, area rugs, artwork, etc. are many and will be able to show off and tell your home’s story.
  • Perfect for Vacant Properties – An empty home can be hard for buyers to picture with furniture, resulting in the home sitting on the market for longer than intended. With Virtual Staging, the furnishings can be added to show a potential Buyer or viewer just what each room of the home can look like.


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